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Nafees - BUKHAAR Full Lyrics

by Baloydi Lloydi , at 2/03/2013 08:59:00 AM , has 3 comments


Nafees Bukhaar Lyrics
Tenu mangeya e rabkolo baar 
baar munke manta murada din
rat yaar tenu rabne banaya e 
kamal da tuhi sunna neyo laab 
e tere daal da Menu chareya bukhar
tere pyaar da Mera ishq e ni 
mere menu maar da x2 Kalla behke
takka asmanu sari raat ni chand 
tare ana kara beyke tere baat ni
chan e e bhi maan da, un menu 
dassyea un mere yaar jeya koiyo
neyo takeya jaag marda e tana 
tere naam da tenu dukh me sunawa
eyse haal da menu chareya bukhar 
tere pyaar da Mera ishq e ni mere 
menu maar da

English Chorus Translation

You Ive Asked From God Time 
 And Time Again And Accepted 
My Intention Day And Night Freind 
You Have Been Made Buy God So Uniqyely 
That i Cant Find No One Up To Your Beauty 
I Have Fallen ill From Your Love 
That My Love Is Now Hitting me

Another English Chorus Translation

Ive asked for you from god many many times
God has made you very good looking
I cant see anyone as good looking as you
I'm ILL because of your love
I sit alone of dream of you all night
I sit ant night and talk to the moon and star about you
The moon agree's there aint as anyone good looking as you on this planet
Shall I talk to you about the pain of this love

Baloydi Lloydi
Nafees - BUKHAAR Full Lyrics - written by Baloydi Lloydi Google+, published at 2/03/2013 08:59:00 AM, categorized as amazon download , download iTunes , download music , itunes , music lyrics , song lyrics . And has 3 comments
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Samera 01:40
love love loveeeeeeeeeeee the lyrics! amazing song :) ♥
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amaizing lyricks i like't aaww <3
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Anonymous 12:07
Lyrics have got a deep meaning to them!! Big up nafees love you loads u got my support all the way <3 xx
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